IVA Testing

The Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) Test is for vehicles being imported into the UK from outside of the EU that are under ten years of age.

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For left-hand drive vehicles from e.g. the USA this is straightforward for us to book and carry out for you

For right-hand drive vehicles e.g. Australian imports, this can be quite difficult unless you are moving back to the UK to live permanently, have owned the vehicle at least 6 months and have lived outside of the UK for 12 months

The testing is carried out by the DVSA who own a number of test stations across the UK

Your vehicle must first be modified to meet IVA standards, you can get an estimate of these costs using our instant quote system:

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Testing & Registration

Get a full breakdown of all costs involved for your UK testing & registration needs in less than a minute:

  • IVA / MOT Modifications
  • IVA / MOT Test Fees
  • VCA Approval Costs
  • Tax and DVLA Registration

Over the years we have modified thousands of cars to get them ready for IVA Testing. Our experience has enabled us to develop Custom Light Control Modules to ensure your vehicle’s lighting systems are modified in the safest possible way.

Our engineers are able to present the vehicle to the IVA Test and make any small adjustments on site to ensure a test pass is achieved.